The five nations (1915)

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Steve James Big-name Premiership signings are taking us ever-closer to France. Mick Cleary Eddie Jones's brief has only one brief and only one goal: to win. Brian Moore Growing injury crisis could immediately cripple Eddie Jones. Austin Healey Newcastle's relegation would be bad for the health of English rugby. The prince of Rawandoz almirgur attacked the Rabban Hurmiz monastery on the 25th of March, The Mardin born Monk Gibrael Danbo was brutally murdered.

Father Dr. Yosif Habbi, 'Dair Rabban hurmiz', Baghdad, , pp. Badr Khan Bey, A Hakkari Kurdish Amir, combined with other Kurdish forces led by Nurallah, attacked the Assyrians, intending to burn, kill, destroy, and, if possible, exterminate the Assyrians race from the mountains. The fierce Kurds destroyed and burned whatever came within their reach. An indiscriminate massacre took place. The women were brought before the Amir and murdered in cold blood. The following incident illustrates the revolting barbarity: the aged mother of Mar Shimun, the Patriarch of the Church of the East, was seized by them, and after having practiced on her the most abominable atrocities, they cut her body into two parts and threw it into the river Zab, exclaiming, "go and carry to your accursed son the intelligence that the same fate awaits him.

Death of a Nation, pp. The burning of the bodies of Assyrian Women by kurdish women, to recover the Gold and precious stones they were supposed to have swallowed. Shall This Nation Die? The Assyrians bore his tyranny patiently for some time, but finally decided to put an end to it and decided to attack the garrison.

They slew twenty of their numbers and besieged the remainder for the space of six days. On promising that they would immediately surrender and evacuate the fortress they were supplied with water by the Assyrians, when suddenly defying their besiegers a fresh conflict succeeded. In the midst of these renewed hostilities a company of cavalry arrived from Badr Khan Beg, and turned the fortunes of the day.

The Treaty of Versailles

The Assyrians, taken by surprise, were completely routed, no quarter was given, and men, women, and children fell in one common massacre. The village was set on fire, and three bags of ears were cut off from the wounded, the dying, and the dead. And sent as trophy to Badr Khan Beg. All the chiefs of Tyari were killed in the massacre, besides thirty priests, and sixty deacons, Mar Shimoons's brother Kasha Sadok, and his nephew Jesse, and many of his relatives. In the month of October , a united force of Badr Khan Beg and Noorallah Beg entered the Tkhooma district, and committed ravages too horrible to be related.

During the invasion hundred women and as many children were brutally put to the sword in one indiscriminate slaughter; only two girls who were left for dead on the field escaped to relate the sad tale of this horrible tragedy. The Kurds then attacked the men, who had taken up a most disadvantageous position in a valley, where they were soon surrounded by their enemies, and after fighting bravely for two hours gave up the contest.

Numbers were killed in attempting to escape, and as many as one hundred prisoners, mostly women and children, were afterwards taken from the houses, which were then fired by the Kurds, as were the trees and other cultivation in the neighborhood.

Championship landmarks

These unfortunate victims were then brought before Noorallah Beg and the lieutenant governor of Jezeerah, as they sat near one of the churches, and heard their doom pronounced by those blood-thirsty barbarians: Make an end of them', said they. A few of the girls, remarkable for their beauty, were spared, the rest were immediately seized and put to death" Nestorians and Their Rituals, pp. The above table does not include the property of Mar Shimoon, valued at Tcerkhies. The big towns then followed. The Ottoman garrison commander again offered the Maronite population asylum, as he had offered to the small villages, asking for the surrender of their arms and then slaughtering them in the local serai.

Such was the fate of Dayr al-Qamar, which lost men; Jazzin and environs, where were slaughtered; Hasbayya, where of were cold bloodedly killed; Rashayya, where perished. The orders for Hasbayya were that no male between seven and seventy years of age should be spared. Malicious eyes feasted on mangled, intermingled bodies of old and young in the courtyard of the Shihabi palace.

Genocides Against the Assyrian Nation

Zahla, largest among the towns with inhabitants, held out for a short time and then succumbed under an attack by a host including fighters from Harwan and Bedouins from the desert. The town lay snugly in a deep ravine carved by the Bardawni flowing from the Mount Sannin. Hardly a house escaped the flames. The total loss of life within the span of three months and a space of a few miles was estimated at From Lebanon the spark of hate flew to Damascus and ignited a reservoir of Muslim ill-feeling generated by the policy of Ibrahim Pasha and the egalitarian provisions of Khatti Humayun.

The Assyrian quarter was sent on fire and some of its inhabitants were put to the sword. Monday, January 1, Kurdish soldiers attack and butcher 13, men and women in the city of Urfa i. This time the attackers were indiscriminate, slaughtering Assyrians of various churches. One soldier, Sheik Hassan, boasted that he alone killed 40 Assyrians during that day. The Kurdish soldiers besieged the city to prevent Christians from escaping, and slowly entered the village and murdered every Assyrian in site. November 3, Tel Mozilt Assyrian inhabitants On the morning of November 3, the neighboring Kurdish tribes pillaged and looted the city.

Abrahim Pasha, the Turkish authority in the region, immediately dispatched a force to stop the attackers. On November 4th 4, the Kurds repeated the attack, which was again arrested by the Turkish leader. This time, however, many casualties met their fate. Massacres which took Place in the Assyrian Villages in The following villages were attacked and their Assyrian inhabitants killed.

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  4. The number of the casualties is unknown. October Turkish troops and Kurdish tribesmen invade and plunder the villages of Urmia. January , Plundering and destruction of seventy of Urmia's villages, massacres in the plains. Unknown number casualties. It was an awful situation. At midnight the terrible exodus began; a concourse of 25, men, women, and children, Assyrians and Armenians, leaving cattle in the stables, all their household hoods and all the supply of food for winter, hurried, panic-stricken, on a long and painful journey to the Russian border, enduring the intense privations of a foot journey in the snow and mud, without any kind of preparation It was a dreadful sight, Statement of German Missionaries.

    Spingarn Medal Winners: 1915 to Today

    All villages in the surrounding district with two or three exceptions have been plundered and burnt; twenty thousand Christians have been slaughtered in Armenia and its environs. In Haftewan, a village of Salmas, corpses without heads have been recovered from the wells and cisterns alone. Because the commanding officer had put a price on every Christina head In Dilman crowds of Christians were thrown into prison and driven to accept Islam.

    Urfa Urhai Twenty years after the harsh memories of the New Years massacres, the new Assyrian inhabitants relived history when they were ordered to surrender their weapons to the Ottomans and Kurds. Cognizant of their recent history, they refused to comply with the Ottoman demand. The Ottoman army, under the leadership of two German officers and armed with heavy artillery, attacked and destroyed the fort Qalaa and its Assyrian and Armenian inhabitants.

    Fortunately, few did survive when the attack ceased at the government's behest to pardon the Christians. February 23, More than sixty Assyrian notables were taken from the French mission and shot by Turkish troops. Among these was Mar Dinkha, a bishop of the Assyrian Church. He was not alone. He had a large company of his Christian brethren with him.

    What Mar Shimun Bar Sabaee, the first Assyrian Patriarch had done, during the persecution of Shapur the Magi, in the fourth century, was now to be gloriously repeated by another bishop of his church in the twentieth century. The Moslems had established a rule in asking of their victims to deny Christ and embrace Islam in order to save their lives. But weaker men and women than this body of prisoners had already chosen to be burned alive, and to be cut to pieces with aces, then deny their Redeemer! In a few moments we will be with Christ!

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    February 25, Turkish and Kurdish troops attacked the village of Gulpashan, one of the most prosperous villages of Urmia. Almost all of the men ware shot, and most of the women were violated.