SittingAround: The Complete Guide to Starting Your Own Babysitting Coop

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If a member is more than an hour late and has not notified the Sitter, the time over the one hour grace period will be figured as double time. A copy of the information on your insurance card front and back would be helpful. Gadders should leave the number of a relative or close friend to contact in case of an emergency. Each member is encouraged to consult the hour count list or contact the Secretary to find members low or needing hours. Members will contact another member to arrange a sit.

Sitter or Gadder should be informed of any colds or illness in the children before making arrangements. No medicine will be given without written permission. Sitter and Gadder should discuss lunch, naps, etc. The Gadder is expected to supply a meal unless agreed upon by both Sitter and Gadder prior to arrival. If Gadder has children other than her own to be left with Sitter, those children child will be charged separately at regular CO-OP time per extra child. Extra children should have written permission from their parents by way of emergency medical forms.

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The Gadder will leave the phone number and name of her destination. If her plans change, she should call the Sitter and give her new location and phone number. If unavailable by phone, she will leave a phone number where a responsible person can be notified. If anyone other than the parent is picking up or dropping off the child ren , the Sitter must be notified.

Any problems i. If Gadder must cancel a sit within 24 hours of the sit time, hours must be offered anyway. She should call 24 hours prior to the arranged time unless her children are sick. A Gadder returning early before the time she is expected to return will offer hours to make up the difference. Each member has the right to refuse to agree to sit for any reason. No explanation need be given. If the Sitter knows it will be necessary to leave the house during the sit, she shall notify the Gadder that her child ren may be going in the car. No children should travel without a car seator a lap belt, as appropriate for their age.

Wanted: Free Babysitting. Strangers Need Not Apply.

There shall be no physical punishment of children. If the Sitter has to change her plans, she should call the Gadder and make a mutual agreement regarding who should find a new Sitter.

Sitter shall be notified in writing of any irregularities deemed by the officers i. Upon receiving a second written complaint, the member will be asked to resign from the CO-OP. A recommended safety checklist is available from the officers and will be distributed to each new member.

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Children shall never be left unsupervised. Because our children are naturally curious, our members shall expect the unexpected from them and therefore make their environment as safe as possible. I love the idea but have to say leaving my kids with strangers makes me nervous.

Each of those members then have their own personalized circle of trusted friends, and so on. But when you buy extra points, who gets that money? Valid concern, Amber! We encourage play dates and other social events to help build relationships. I was invited into the co-op by my neighbor and knew a couple of the ladies from other social circles…a couple others were in my neighborhood, so other trusted friends knew them…I invited my cousin, she invited another friend I know…you can see how the community webs together.

A small group of friends and I had a co-op when our kids were toddlers.

Where to Find a Babysitter

We used marked popsicle sticks as our bartering tools. There were only 5 of us and we all knew each other. It fizzled out after a year or so. I am in a coop now. We have had sveral issues. We are currently in recession for several reasons. Many of the members have kiddos in school now aged They no longer have as much of a need and collectivley do not use it.

I am not a founding memeber, but use it more often than not Also members have develped a preference, and may only exchnage with certain people.

Leaving some out of the opportunity to break into the coop, and others with a surplus of points that are hard to spend with the limited audience. I am concerned that a healthy coop needs a mix of young kids and we don. Also we have had issues with the protocol for dealing with a member who others have identifies safetly issues with.

How do you deliver the news that they are going to be removed from the coop? Have any of you run up against issues in your coop that have been difficult, and if so , how did you creatively manage them? Generally, the bigger coops tend to be more successful. Thank you for posting this amazing article.


I have researched online and been unable to find any co-ops currently running in my city so I am looking to start one. I do not have a lot of connections with other mothers. How would you recommend setting this up? I am wondering if I should use Facebook to find two other mothers who are willing to take a leadership role treasurer and secretary who then can decide the bylaws with me or should I find all the families and create the bylaws that way?

I have a Facebook resource that I can post this in, yet I want to make sure I know what I am doing first. The right sitter is out there! A neighborhood teen may be able to pop over one night a month so you can sneak out for dinner with your partner. But if you need someone who can pick your kids up from school, help them with their homework, and get dinner started before you get home from work, you may want to look for a college student or someone who is retired and looking for something to do in the afternoons. Figuring out the what is a big first step in helping you find the who in your babysitting search.

The Banks family had it made when Mary Poppins flew into town just when they needed a nanny. They recruit qualified babysitters and match them with parents who need their services. They can be a quick way to find someone you love, but you should still do your own due diligence, says Florence Ann Romano, a former nanny and founder of The Windy City Nanny.

You can also have a professional background check run on your potential sitter or ask the agency to provide details of how deep their checks went. If none of your friends have sitter names to offer up, they may be willing to do the job themselves. A local parent in your area might be able to use a little extra cash, making her the perfect choice.

Or you could offer to set up a sitter swap situation: One parent or set of parents watches all the kids one night, and you return the favor a few days later so they can get their own night out. The kids get playdates and the parents get real dates—everyone wins! Sites like Care. Sitting Around , for example, can hook you up with other parents in your community who are interested in creating a babysitting co-op.

Sitter and Bubble let you view the sitters of other friends so long as they also use the app , so you can find sitters that your friends like without having to actually…well…talk to your friends. TaskRabbit , on the other hand, was designed as an app to connect folks with people who need help on a variety of errands, not just babysitting. That said, babysitting makes the list, and you may find your perfect sitter with a few swipes. Kango , meanwhile, offers not just babysitting but ridesharing too, so you can find someone who will do that daycare or preschool drop-off.

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