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The concept of MUSE foresees the splitting of the adaptive optics corrected field of view in 24 sub-fields. An image slicer in front of each IFU serves as entrance slit, thus producing a spatially resolved spectrum of the full sub-field. A "fore-optics tower" between the telescope focus and the IFUs hosts a field de-rotator, an ADC, the shutter and the field splitting optics.

MUSE will use adaptive optics. This mode will enable a wide range of scientific applications similar to the HST STIS type science but with an improved spatial resolution and a 2D spatial coverage. It is a panoramic integral-field spectrograph operating in the visible wavelength range.

ESO — Reaching New Heights in Astronomy

It combines a wide field of view with the improved spatial resolution provided by adaptive optics and covers a large simultaneous spectral range. MUSE couples the discovery potential of an imaging device to the measuring capabilities of a spectrograph, while taking advantage of the increased spatial resolution provided by adaptive optics. The Simulation tour was simply amazing. Visually, audibly and just being there. Having trombones being played, actually played not recorded and being a part of the opening was simply astonishing.

It as a great sound and visually it was amazing. The same with Pressure, having the trombones out there added to the song and made it unbelievable. They also played Dig Down the acoustic gospel version live. With Dom, Matt and Chris playing center of the stadium. Chris on the acoustic guitar, Matt on the piano and Dom obviously on the drums. What a neat set to see them playing so close together and the gospel signers on stage lit up by their costumes. Very well done! Our son didn't teenager didn't understand the Close Encounters of the 3rd kind part.

Where Matt was playing the guitar and the mother ship was responding. He is too young. Watching Matt play his guitar by his tong! I had never seen anything like it. He is amazing. Chris is just amazing on bass and Dom on drums. These guys can do it all! What a fun show.

I really appreciate what Muse has done to give back to their fan's. Too many bands don't care as long as they sell their tickets. Muse doesn't appear to be like that. Even purchasing tickets, they allow the true fans to purchase first getting the best seats. I look forward to seeing them again! Great show, great music, and a great time.

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Playing for almost 2 hours. Great job Muse! From that point on, Muse poured everything into their live show. From huge satellite dishes beaming light into the sky to monumental, rotating pillars, each tour delivers something totally unexpected, and utterly jawdropping. Matt Bellamy, one of the few true rockstars of the modern age, thrashes and strokes at his guitar in equal measure, and delivers stunning falsetto vocals.

With Glastonbury and Coachella headline slots - and just about everything other accolade - under their belts, where now for Muse? Somehow, the only way, still, is up.

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Since their incarnation in , the Devon trio has evolved from a garage rock band into a momentous live act that has conquered the largest stages and festivals all around the planet with their space-themed apoco-pop rock. The band has six albums in its discography, which was not seem like very much for an artist that has reached a reputation as saintly as Muse, yet it is what Matt Bellamy and co transform their music into onstage which continues to wow audiences.

As the bass rumbles and begins 'Supremacy', the band appear all at once surrounded by fire and pyrotechnics as they wage some solar war all within their own minds. As they run through their hits such as 'Supermassive Black Hole' and 'Starlight' at blistering speeds, the audience have no choice to watch on in blind amazement. Matt Bellamy is a frontman often likened to the late, great Freddie Mercury and after seeing him perform you realise there is serious weight behind these lofty claims.

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No matter how big his crowd, Matt throws himself into every blistering guitar solo and whips crowds into frenzies like no other. When the finale of 'Knights Of Cydonia' kicks in, the audience has completely surrendered itself to the supernatural, surreal world of Muse and simply hope they will never return. I had seen Muse a few times at various festivals over the years Reading twice, V Festival, Download and wanted to see them in their own show and I thought what better place than to do that than at Londons O2 Arena.

Muse played for 2 hours with a faultless performance. Belting out classics such as Plug In Baby, Stockholm Syndrome and completing the evening with the infectious Knights Of Cydonia as well as promoting songs from the current Drones album. My only regret of the evening was having to be upstairs on Level 4 for this concert. People standing in the Floor areas and Level 1 seem to be able to let loose and enjoy themselves but upstairs really didn't know how to behave at a rock concert with he majority remaining seated and I was even asked to sit down by the person behind me.

Unfortunately the big arenas can bring out the punters who aren't used to what a rock concert can be about but i'll balance this comment by saying that I should have been downstairs if I really wanted to rock out. We came in from Houston to see Muse in Austin. I've had to miss their TX shows in the past because I didnt have the money or time, but this year I said fuck it, I'm going to this show and I wont miss them again.

It was so worth it. They sounded amazing, the whole band are great performers. They posted the whole concert on facebook so I thought that was cool. I can watch it again if I want. So, so worth it. The stage was really cool with these stacks of video monitors in the back and they were staggered. It's hard to describe, but it looked really good.

The only complaint I had was that I bought an actual seat but everyone stood the whole time, so it was kind of pointless, but I'm glad I had something to lean on if I got too tired. It was kind of hard to see the band on stage because people were in the way, but I'm sort of short so It was a very minor complaint and nothing against Muse. An impressive start with "Psycho" brought all the energy to the Olympia-halle without any warming up. The setlist was loaded with the tracks of their latest Best-Rock-Album-Grammy winner, "Drones", but also included some classics as "Plug In Baby", "Stockholm Syndrome", and an amazing performance of "Citizen Erased", a song from "Origin of Symmetry" rarely played in the latest years shows.

The stage in itself deserves recognition as it was meant to rotate, while holding a structure from where around ten drones came into the show flashing and wandering around some meters over the crowd. In addition, a series of interactive projections were prepared in accordance to every song lyrics. Bellamy asked people to help on singing the already classic "Time Is Running Out", as well as "Starlight" and the whole chorus for "Uprising".

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  6. There is a reason these guys play in big arenas. Even up in the nosebleeds it was a great show.

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    6. Had it all! Glowing glasses, lit up suits, giant robots, a piano that shoots lasers, dancers with flashlights, smoke machines and glowing batons, and a special appearance by Eddie!

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      People hanging from wires, surprises coming up from trap doors, lasers, lasers and more lasers! The set was a blistering 26 songs lasting a little over two hours! I will definitely see them again the next time they come to town. Though not from the balcony.

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      I've been attending concerts for more than 10 years now and this gig goes into my top 5!! The show, the energy, the sound!! I was blown away by Matt's voice, so clear and beautiful, Chris's dexterity with the bass for me the second best bass player ever and Dominic's drum solos. I really wish more bands could afford this kind of technology, oh well And the video projections, especially the puppeteering part during The Handler The setlist included almost all the songs I wanted to hear live I only missed Stockholm Syndrome and Bliss. All in all, kudos to the guys, really, I hope too see them again very soon.

      That Muse, namely Bellemy, but backed up so strongly, were musical was certainly not in question, but this gig has to be reviewed as the complete package.