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Unfortunately for the Pentagon we know the objective has remained the same. It is a fact … I would have walked away from the job if it had been my company.

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And, you know, they may actually figure it out. This is the US Military. Our military has done some pretty impossible things before. The impossible take a little longer. Would I figure out a way of cutting the military budget?

Monday, February 5, 2018

But I also tend to believe they are more proud of simply the uniform … unadorned. The uniform itself is often the most important award. We are demanding them to be military, and generals, and … yet … they are wearing suits. For example … when John Kelly steps up to a White House podium in a suit he speaks not as a general but as a Chief of Staff. I cannot afford to look at a medal … its business. I am not ex-military but I know Marines.

I know National Guard who went overseas. I cannot imagine a better group of people fighting in the name of our country. And their ability using common sense to distill things down is amazing. We often ask them to do the impossible. And you know what? I bet they either do it or come close. Bottom line.

In my mind. Get politics out of the way, suggest media have some perspective and allow the military to do its job.

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Because our good guys are pretty good at what they signed up to do. Year after year we haggle over annual military budgets and all we end up doing is funding a great military operation in need of investment spending. I would treat the upgrade need as a specific project with specific objectives for which the military will offer specific updates to the American people showing what their money is being spent on and what is happening.

From the rest, silence. No sign of where they had been taken or what could have happened to them for almost two years, even as the world screamed BringBackOurGirls.

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I watched the Nigerian mothers watching the video released from Boko Haram … and my heart broke. I have a lot of interest in selectively using the best of the best military to let them o what they do best and resolve solvable humanitarian situations. Solve solvable problems for the greater humanitiarian good? Does anyone seriously believe that Nigeria, or for that matter, any country in the world would be chastising USA for putting US military on foreign soil? Does anyone seriously believe some well-intended hashtag initiative is going to compel some resolution?

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In some cases in some situations the person who CAN do the right thing needs to stand up … walk across the street … and actually DO the right thing. If it were our children, would we just stand by?

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I challenge anyone in America, shit, around the world … watch the video … watch the mothers … if you could do something … I believe you would. I hope the Pentagon padded their estimate a little. I can do the job but I have absolutely no margin of error. And win in 18 months and unsaid. If the purpose of religious faith is for personal spiritual discovery why does it matter what anyone else believes? Pruitt, like Pence, is a pay-to-play kind of guy. Who has and will do or say anything to maintain cash flow.

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Pence, on the other hand, had been in their pockets from the beginning of his career. Republicans were desperate to keep Koch money flowing. They lined up behind Pence and convinced Ivanka that he was the man for the job, so the family supported him as well. They believed that whoever became VP would be in charge of this administration. Of course believing Christians can be environmentalists, too, as Jimmy Carter was and is.

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Pruitt is a disaster not because he claims to be a Christian; he is a disaster because he is a laissez faire apologist for the fossil fuel industry who occupies a position of power. There were no diesels, coal-burning power plants or billions of people around to foul the environment in the day of Jesus. The problem is that fossil fuel extractors and users have somehow managed to persuade people who may otherwise be of good will that there is a connection, or as in the case of Pruitt, that his religion is a convenient crutch to cover his right wing ideology.

If he really believed what Jesus had to say rather than what medieval monks subsequently interpreted what he said, he would be an environmentalist. In words of the street, I think Pruitt is a phony. The butterfly effect describes how a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state, e.

Pruitt is a phony. It IS all about the money, and the seditious, greedy morons who buy into the claptrap of evangelical Christianity should never be anywhere near government at any level. They and their self-righteousness destroy everything good that they touch.

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So, naturally, Trump picked Pence and Pruitt…along with DeVos, Carson and the other something knuckleheads who left or were fired. That speaks more for the failure of the true-believers who voted for this crap storm than anything else. Some variants like Peronism and Nazism enfolded populist and socialist values and rhetoric and modernist and antimodernist themes.

While it seemed unlikely from the end of World War II to the mids, Fascism was not dead but dormant. An extremely intricate system may look highly regular in its behavior, but become chaotic very suddenly-like a single flat tire jamming freeway traffic, or a chance remark triggering a prison riot. That happened a long time ago…. Amusing that the idiot whose opus was A Theory of Moral Sentiments morals are determined by polls , is also the guru idiot whose unread Wealth of Nations is being dredged up as an argument against tariffs.

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But, the choir above sings the same old songs…. He tapped into it and was able to pull off through Donald Trump, possibly, the biggest heist of all time. Ordinarily, you could reasonably presume Scott Pruitt would be conflicted. He is a champion of fossil fuel, but would have deny the processes that created fossil fuels. The movie Lathe of Heaven has this quote: To let understanding stop at what cannot be understood is a high attainment.

Those who cannot do it will be destroyed on the lathe of heaven. This quote describes the extreme religious or evangelical world view, that is if you do not understand — go no further or you will be destroyed. As a Boomer, the change after Sputnik was launched and in particular after Gagarin circled the earth, heralded an explosion of Science in all directions. Somehow Science has lost ground Satire except if it is an expansion in cell phone games , I suspect once Science began to clash with corporate profits and theocracy it was fair game to be attacked.

What I did not see was the marriage or joining of Steroid Capitalism and Steroid Theocracy to produce the willful display of proud ignorance, that protects profits.