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So when you look at the problems that Bury and Bolton have had this season, I fear that football in England is going down a dangerous road. I am sure that the Premier League clubs support the lower league teams in some way when they send players on loan, or if they buy players, they are the foundation that keep the rest of the game alive.

And things can change very quickly.

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I doubt people in the Premier League now are looking at Bolton's case in too much detail, when you are in the top flight you are in a bubble, wrapped up in your own affairs. There is an issue for the Football League, they are supposed to have these tests about fitness to practise and both the owners of clubs that go under, and the authorities, have to take some of the blame.

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But unless the authorities are stronger, everyone will suffer and the Premier League could suffer in the long run. Ewan MacKenna The Olympics were a draining experience. Not so much because of the hours, rather the quantity and quality of the bullshit at every turn. Ewan MacKenna It won't be long before we have a whole lot to answer for. You can be fairly sure we won't have a whole lot of answers though.

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Dublin GAA fans show their support for their Dublin senior football men's and women's squads. After the men Richard Dunne: 'Bury's demise should be a worry for every English club' A general view of the pitch before the club is closed at Gigg Lane, Bury. Richard Dunne August 30 PM. It's a terrible thing to have teams going to the wall.

For a lot of my time in England, I lived around Manchester.

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Ewan MacKenna: 'If Salazar's exit was a battle won, don't think the doping war hasn't long Richard Dunne: 'Pochettino discovering that you can stop being flavour of the month very Green fingers: how to create a more sustainable garden, cut carbon and His sense of decency, how he connects with players and his Ireland Ewan MacKenna: 'If Salazar's exit was a battle won, don't think the doping war hasn't Something happened to me and i stopped.

I started thinking how lucky i am i have a good job,Have friends who love me so much, i am self sufficient to feed others and suddenly all my worry that i will get late was gone. I was feeling happy from within where as just 5 mins back i was so worried.

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Choice is the answer , I chose to worry that i am late and suddenly when i saw people who have lot much problems than me i chose to be happy and so i was. Everything is so simple in life, we love complicating it thinking how can life be so simple.

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While studying in school i thought i will be happy if i get in good college, but when i got in good college i was thinking i will be happy when i get a good job , after getting a good job also i was thinking i will be happy if i get good rating. Bury your worry , Put a smile on your face always. Worry or happiness both are a choice, its up to us what choice we make, Our future depend on the choices we make today.

So make good choices.

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