AMBER DELUCA: Native American Muscle

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Amber DeLuca

She earned an athletic scholarship in volleyball at Gannon University, Erie, Pennsylvania, and helped lead the team to their first national appearance. She appeared as "Apache" early on in the competition reality series American Gladiators. By her own description, she grew up as a tomboy and began weight training when she was thirteen years old in order to better herself for her high school sports.

Her first figure competition came in As is described in Bill's bio page , he is also an accomplished writer in the industry, was the founding editor of Flex Magazine, and in addition to thousands of articles on training, diet and competition has co-authored three books with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Book A Shoot.

AMBER DELUCA: Native American Muscle [Kindle Edition]

Buy Artprints. Fine Art. Download Store. Bill Dobbins Bio. When booking a session, please state the name of the city in the subject line, a list of session references if any , the type of session you would like, and the amount of time you would like to book.

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I will then advise you of the new rate and standard protocol. Please book early and be patient with my response time. It gets a little hectic in scheduling, but I do my best, as I am a one woman show, and manage all my own business affairs.

If for some reason, I do not respond within a week, feel free to send a second email forwarding the initial email. Also, always include the history of our dialog in all communications. To see current photos you may go to AzianiIron. My travel schedule is posted at www. You may also drop by www. For the rest of the world, I will travel approximately quarterly. I appreciate all of my loyal fans, friends and clients around the globe that have supported my work over the years.

I look forward to an exciting fun filled and hope to see you soon! Warm Regards, Amber DeLuca www.

Thank you for all of your kind words and support. And thank you for posting all the photos from FB. Oh yes, and to the Knicksfan, nowhere did I ever claim I never used any supplements. I did state the truth, and that is I am naturally freakishly strong, due to being in the gym for 25 years before I ever started a cycle of anything.

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Not many women can do that, and if they can, it's due to a lot of chemical assistance. That's far different from most fbbs, who start cycling from early in their careers, and by the time they are 30 or 40 they looked like a piece of beef jerky, forget about an fbb that has been cycling hard until she is my age or into her 50's.

If I cycled like that, which I obviously do not need to I would have an even bigger clit darn, maybe I should! LOL and my face, skin and hair would show the effects. Hormone replacement therapy for women is terrific if done properly. If done to the stage of abuse or transgender protocol, which is quite typical for fbbs competing, then the side effects are nasty. No thank you. I do not need to shave anywhere a woman would not normally shave, and my skin on my entire body is as smooth as a baby's ass, and I do not need a wig. Bottom line is, a lot of hard work in the gym, really high quality food, and a bump done ever so judiciously with the right supplements, and it does a body good!

I am lucky I have a team of men that support what I do, and also design my supps for me. My natural bodyweight before bodybuilding and powerlifting was Now, I walk around at You don't pile on 30 pounds of weight with drugs alone. Take a look at people that are not hardcore athletes and are not naturally strong typical bodybuilder types. Ever notice when they are off, you hardly recognize them?

AMBER DELUCA Native American Muscle eBook Bill Dobbins

And ever notice when you touch their muscles, they do not have that really hard, really strong, really "I can really hurt you" feeling? I am not just "another pretty face", but I have taken my athletic training seriously and study with the best of the best in the field. I was a standout volleyball player, armwrestler, grappler in college, to leading 5.

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Great post Amber. You look fantastic and your hard work shows. I played football through college at a decent level and the lifts you do are ones I can not do.